It takes years to find a personal style. 

Our body, skin, shape, and preference changes every few years. The outfit that earned you eyes and compliments 5 years ago may not do the same wonders today and it really isn’t about your age. 

Several reasons cause this change. The style and mood for the same dress might have gone over a period of time or your skin tone or body shape has changed such that, your perfect dress from a couple of years ago doesn’t feel flattering today. 

Instead of wasting time getting into an old dress, try experimenting and finding a new style for yourself. 

If you’re blessed with good height, hourglass, or slim body type and light complexion, you certainly don’t need to worry about anything, as almost everything works for you. But challenge is for people who struggle to get their weight and body ratio right. If you’re one amongst them, trust me I understand your struggle.

You wish you could freely wear off-shoulder or backless tops and dresses. You wish to find the perfect bra fit but nothing seems to work even after years of searching for the right brand and right size. You wish to follow the baggy top and baggy pants trend but it will look like a nightmare on you. And since, there are so many challenges you end up spending your entire life in safe slim fit jeans or jeggings paired up with t-shirts and tops that you don’t really admire.

In a recent conversation with my sister, she opened up about her black wardrobe. “All these years I kept buying and wearing black, until one day I went on a hill station trip with my girls. Looking at the pictures later I felt I made a big mistake. All of them showed off their beauty in brights and vibrant colors and I in black was totally ignorable. Since then I have bought a lot of bright color clothes and now there are a lot of options to choose from for an occasion,” she said. Never compromise with your color choices or you’ll end up having a black wardrobe just like my sister.
Moreover, being a plus-size, you must wear black is a myth.

Indeed, black dresses hide away the folds of fat but even the right silhouette can do that magic for you. If you have a bulging abdomen, you can always pick a flared silhouette. Similarly, for hiding away heavy bust, choose a v-neck top, t-shirt, or dress and for legs, wear the skinny fit. Avoid wearing baggy clothes if you are a plus size according to your BMI.

The same happens when your skin tone changes over a matter of time. If you turn a lighter shade, you’d be able to flaunt the dark colors and if your shade turns darker you would want to wear more pastels. You cannot always control the way your skin changes but you can control how you can rock your outfit.

There is no ground rule on which skin tone can carry what color, if you’re wondering. People with dark complexion usually face this dilemma. Wearing pastels all the time will make your closet boring and undefined. I have seen people with dark complexion carrying neons with perfection too. So smile as you do not need to burden yourself with blacks, greys, and blues, or the pastel hues.

The advice I would like to give here is:

Experiment with a lot of colors and prints before buying and always ask for feedback from your trusted friend. The ground rule is to Keep Experimenting until you find the right fit, the right color, and the right silhouette, that suits you now (forget what used to look good on you in the past). If put together with the right layering and accessories perfect for the place and occasion, you will look eye-catching without the model figure.

Remember the categories “menswear, womenswear, and kidswear” is just for helping you navigate the store and not to limit your choices, do not let it control the way you shop. If you think your perfect style is dragging you to an alternate section never be afraid to go and try it on. Don’t forget boyfriend jeans and boyfriend shirts and other over-sized clothes have been a huge fashion statement for women at a point in time. 

Your body is unique, and it deserves to put on what is truly made for it. 

Let us know in the comments, How you found out there’s something wrong in your wardrobe and how you fixed it.

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