A surprise element in your outfit

Kuhu Saxena

The most workable fashion tip someone can give you is, adding a surprise element to your outfit.

Whether it’s denim with satin, a biker jacket over a pretty chic dress, a heavy multi-layered necklace with a simple white t-shirt, or a neon shoe, a hint of contrast makes good outfits great.

There are several creative ways to add a surprise element. Thereby, converting your regular look into a budgeted runway experience. 

Saree with jeans and Saree with formal blazers are a recent example of such a trend. 

My personal look-test

I personally experimented with the surprise element trick at a family gathering party. I wore a black dress and paired it with matte-finished magenta-colored earrings. It was a perfect color-pop that got me compliments and helped me stand out. The combination was truly catchy and attractive.  

Fashion Tip: Make sure whatever you choose is fit for the occasion and time. It’s very important to keep in mind whether you’re dressing up for day or night.

We know for the fact that different light falling on the same colours would give different outcomes. 

The same happens with our outfits and accessories also.

I advise you that you should select your clothes and accessories according to the time of the event. 

If the event is during the day-time, do its shopping during the day to be sure how it would look finally.

Giving another example from a surprise wedding ceremony which I attended in January 2020.

I dressed up for a surprise wedding ceremony in a rush.

The best part was, I did not even had a full-length mirror to check how I look.

“Surprise wedding ceremony” sounds weird right?

But this happened in a city where I had just shifted for a new job and knew nobody. So, getting invited to a wedding was purely coincidental and surprising. Hence, I had nothing appropriate to wear. Now in such a short duration, I could go and shop for an outfit or try a mix-and-match. I decided to do the latter and I pulled whatever decent I could find that wasn’t completely casual.

Here’s what I found

I created my look from a weird combination of casual, formal, party wear, and ethnic.

Despite being skeptical about the whole look, I had no other option. But the commendations I got from people had me dying to get a good look at myself. As I knew I managed to do a pretty decent job at this.

 a golden sequin partywear top from Faballey

 a casual denim from ONLY

 A semi-formal Red blazer from Shein.com

 Black casual velvet boots from Streetstylestore

Below is the final outfit that I very well pulled of. Not only I received compliments but this look became an inspiration for my colleagues and an old friend. I got several lovely messages on Facebook when I posted the picture. 

The eye-catcher in this whole look was the ethnic ear-ring bought from a flee market. I thought it would look absolutely out of place, but it rather took the whole outfit to next level of dazzle.

There are several other examples over the internet if you still feel you could not find your surprise element. To find more ideas browse https://in.pinterest.com/thechizu/unique-fashion/

Remember the ‘girl in the green scarf’ from the movie “confessions of a shopaholic”?

That green scarf is unforgettable even after so many years.

Such is the power of a surprise element in your outfit.

I am sure even you have one such story or one such look where your surprise elements made your ordinary outfit steal some good attention.

Comment below and share with us.

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  1. Loved it!

    I loved the part of shopping during the day for a day event and during night for a night event.

    Keep sharing your insights

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