I am Kuhu and life taught me- “Your dreams are not so shallow that you give them up easily”.
I quit my job to pursue traveling (my longtime passion).
I have worked as a visual merchandiser in the retail sector for 2 years and now I am a full-time travel blogger.
I love sharing stories from my travel experiences which turned me into an author recently. I wrote my first ever novel 

REBORN on the land of God“. (Click the link below to view my Book on various platforms)

Amazon-  https://amzn.to/3AGVwWh

NotionPress- https://bit.ly/3wJ55Ty

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Flipkart- https://bit.ly/3cDNV2M

 I love seeing new places, meeting new people, trying different cuisines, and live a different life every day.

Through my blogs, I intend to share with you my experiences while traveling and help you plan your future trips.

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